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22/11/2019: Foehn On The Way... But Snow Next Week?...


After a fine, sunny day, the skies are still clear here in Chatel and the temperatures has dropped to not far from 0c. The foehn is still expected and may arrive during the evening, perhaps becoming noticeable during the late evening and through tomorrow. This could cause an upward trend in temperatures and a fall in humidity.

On the positive side of things, there are some signs of some snow in the outlook... with both the GFS model and UKMO model this evening both suggesting a snowfall on Wednesday. Snow/rain limits at this stage are very uncertain - however- there is some room for some cautious optimism as we head through next week. It is a bit early to say whether we'll be able to use the words "significant" and "snowfall" in the way we'd like to see them in a sentence, but that is a possibility.


A look at the forecast gusts tomorrow morning on the hi-res Arome model suggests a strong foehn with some gusts of 125kmh on the Swiss side - which does put into doubt the potential opening in Les Crosets.

More on that rather more promising outlook for next week on an update this evening.

Chart from meteociel.fr


Bonjour from Chatel, where there is another temperature inversion in the valley, with temperatures a touch below 0c in the village.

The foehn event is due to kick in this evening - more on this on the next update, however, an initial look at the models this morning, does show some much more promising signs for the middle of next week onwards... this could be very, very good news.

More on this in a bit...

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