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22/12/2018: Today's Updates... 6.30pm...

Day 8 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


The latest model runs do bring a chance of a mostly dry morning tomorrow, with any meaningful rain perhaps holding off until 12.00 / 13.00hrs. This is obviously not a done deal, as the models have been chopping and changing today, regarding the timing of the arrival of the next rainfall and there is a chance it could move in earlier, or be delayed - and yes, unfortunately, it does look like rain to the top tomorrow afternoon.

More on all of this on the forecast update tomorrow morning...


Ooh la la - the rain has poured down this afternoon - persistent, rather than the showery nature which was expected. The snow/rain limit has come down to around 1800m. How do we know? Well, a trip was made up into the ski area this afternoon, mainly to check on where the snow was falling.

Conditions were, as you would expect, fairly dreadful with heavy driving rain, which turned to heavy driving sleet then snow as you headed up the L’Echo Alpin chairlift, with some alarmingly strong winds towards the top of this chair. Heading down Les Combes, the visibility was varied, as was the snow with some glue like snow at times too. The snow turned to rain on the lower section of Combes, with flakes coming down to about 1700m - and that was as far as the afternoon went - about turn and back over!

The positives were that the snow was running OK in places and the lower areas of Linga appeared to be weathering the worst of the weather - that mix of man made and natural snow does make a resilient base. Lower areas with only natural snow will come under pressure after tomorrows rain and higher snow/ rain limits.

Plenty of water flowing down the Dranse.

Tomorrow’s rain is unfortunate as it was looking possible that the area would avoid the worst of it - but it is looking increasingly wet now, after a potentially OK start to the day and it does look as though it will rain right to the top.

Roll on the drier weather on Christmas Day...

Combes hut - it was snowing on the tops.

Updated at Le Schuss. Further update this evening...


Much more of the ski area is open today with 29/40 lifts open at just before 10am, with more lifts set to open during the day. Our visit to the ski area will take place this afternoon, so there will be an update on that visit later today.

Before then, a look at the Meteociel.fr website at the early model runs this morning, shows high pressure firmly in control of the Chatel weather during next week and into next weekend. As mentioned on the forecast page earlier, there are uncertainties regarding where the daytime 0c isotherm level will be, but a dry period is on the cards, with the chance of some pleasant daytime weather, with cold-ish nights, with the coldest temperatures to be found in the valleys, due to temperature inversions.

So, once this unsettled and mild period is over, at the moment, it looks as though we may have to wait until 2019 for a return of the snowfalls down to the village - remember, that is the situation as it stands this morning, so the models could evolve favourably for futire snowfalls over the coming days.


It is still white here in Chatel, after the rain...

Piste preparation...


Bonjour. It is a wet start to the morning here in Chatel after a wet night.

The forecast page is expected to be updated by 7.45am and updates will be posted on this page during the day.

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