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23/01/2020: Today's Updates... Day 43...


A look at the latest model runs, still suggests some unsettled weather for a time next week, however, those differences we noted on yesterday evening's update are still apparent. In practical terms we can say that it looks likely that there will be some precipitation on Tuesday, perhaps arriving on Monday afternoon, but at the moment those all important details such as snow/rain limits and quantities and whether it turns into an unsettled week, are a long way from being resolved. Although there are some wet charts being churned out for the lower half of the ski area, there is cause for some optimism, as models such as Arpege are suggesting useful snowfalls, perhaps coming down as low as the village by Tuesday morning.

There will be plenty to keep an eye on over the coming days...


There will be a post having a quick look at next week online this evening, but in the meantime, an update on today... After a glorious morning, there was some patchy cloud this afternoon which blotted out the sunshine at times, though it did remain bright. The cloud had the effect of negating those contrasts we see on the pistes under clear skies, so there was a more general softening/wetting of some pistes today, especially those lower down and south facing. It also became rather mild.

We took a quick look this afternoon to see how the L'Epervier piste is holding up on Barbossine. This is a natural snow only piste and is a sunny aspect slope, so it does get affected by mild weather. The photo shows there is some deterioration on this piste, especially, but not exclusively, lower down. Some of the thinner areas are repaired overnight with imaginative piste maintenance, however, it is obvious that this pistes could do with a top up. This slope is a bit of an exception across the area, as the majority of pistes are maintaining some good or very good cover and conditions, especially in the PLJ area.


Bonjour from Chatel... there's a temperature inversion in place this morning with our location in the village registering 0.5C on the thermometer, with temperatures closer to -4C in the immediate valley area.

This morning's forecast is already online at: http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - and this will be followed by further updates on this page today.

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