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23/09/2020: Updates Re-Start... Snow On The Way?

2020 has been a very unusual year for us all and there is obviously a very big question mark regarding how normal the coming winter season will be.

As this site is primarily interested in snowfall, updates on this subject will continue through the autumn and winter... and... there is some snowfall expected later in the week!

September snowfall down to village elevation in Chatel is unusual, so if this happens, it will be a notable meteorological event. Here is the latest Arpege model chart from www.meteociel.fr for snowfall by Sunday evening. Note that this model's output is a bit of a broad brush in terms of the local topography, so it is to be taken with a bit of a pinch of salt, however, it is showing the potential for plenty of snow higher up.

Next update expected to be on Friday when we may see the first snow of the autumn...

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12/04/2021: Today's Updates...

Update: 1.30pm: Overnight snowfall brought up to 6cm to the village - with less on other surfaces and alot of it has now thawed at this elevation. It was interesting to see more snow a few miles away