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24/01/2019: Today's Updates... 6.45pm...


Back in Chatel after a day on the Swiss side and the most striking thing about today has been the variation on snowfall amounts across the PDS area, from the little snowfall of yesterday and today. The accumulated total for our village location did not exceed 1cm, however, some areas saw close to 10cm.

The forecast page will be updated early again tomorrow, and it looks as though we are now in a bit of a holding pattern before a potentially very useful snowfall arrives on Sunday...


Over here in Crosets, snow has been falling from time to time, adding to the 5cm to 8cm that appears to have fallen at around 1900m - with 3cm in the village - which shows the localised nature of this latest snowfall. Piste conditions here are again excellent, though the visibility is a bit up and down, with flat light.

Reports from Chatel suggest 5cm plus of fresh snow above 1800m.

6.10am: Bonjour - There has been a further dusting of snow overnight, though the total of fresh snow in the village since yesterday afternoon remains at only 1cm.

The forecast page has already been updated this morning - as we are in Les Crosets today, from where this page should be updated at some stage...

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Season 2020/21: Snowfall In Chatel at 1200m: Total Snowfall at 1200m: 236.5cm (as of 18/01/2021) Total Snowfall at 1800m: Season 2019/20: Snowfall In Chatel at 1200m: Total Snowfall at 1200m: 200.5cm

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