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24/11/2019: Today's Updates... Bottom of Rochassons Survived The Foehn...


The daytimes are set to be rather mild for the next couple of days - with the 0c isotherm perhaps reaching 3000m on Tuesday, so we will be hoping for mostly clear skies to minimise the damage to the snowpack at PLJ.

On Wednesday, a change is still set to arrive with a period of rain and snow for the area. There are some differences showing between the models regarding snow/rain limits, but it looks as though it will be the upper half of the ski area which benefits most on Wednesday and into Thursday, with perhaps the snowfall coming closer to the village at some stage of Thursday. The charts are finely poised, with small adjustments having major impacts for the ski area - where a difference of 300m in the snow/rain limit can be crucial. All this may well change, for the better or worse, but the outlook for next weekend and beyond does looks cold enough at times for further snowfall.

With some luck, we will do OK, with the chance of some significant snowfall in the next 10 days. Keep those fingers crossed.

Next update will be a brief one early tomorrow.


A trip to the sunnier slopes of Chatel this afternoon ended up at Mouet. Photos below. There may be a brief evening update regarding snow/rain limits next week...


Some better news this morning after a trip to PLJ, where a quick look around the bottom area of the Rochassons run found it to have held up really well after yesterday's foehn. The mix of man made and natural snow, which had been bashed, has created a nicely frozen, solid base, which should also hold up to some further periods of mild weather this week. The piste is not full width, but looks wide enough to open - when conditions allow.

The fine morning has brought alot of people onto the mountain with lots out with their ski touring kit and there were about 100 cars in the PLJ top car park!

We'll take a look at the mid and upper section on Tuesday, once another 2 or 3 days of mildness in the daytimes are out of the way, but the base looks promising on these prepared areas. It is difficult to know whether there is any chance of a partial opening next weekend, as there is no snow at the bottom of the PLJ lift, whereas the bottom of the Pierre Longue has a huge mound of man made ready to be bashed. The Belette path / road would need more snow on it to function. So it's a case of waiting and seeing how this week pans out, with that rain to snow event potentially arriving on Wednesday / Thursday, so conditions will probably deteriorate, before improving later in the week - depending on where the snow/rain limits end up.

Nursery areas are a work in progress!

9.40am: After the foehn of yesterday, the weather has returned to something resembling normality overnight, with temperatures dipping close to 0c and bringing a touch of frost to the valley. The weather is set to remain rather mild during the daytimes for a few more days, until unsettled weather brings rain and snow from Wednesday onwards. We'll take another look at this later, but before then, a trip to PLJ...

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