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25/01/2019: Today's Updates... 7.05pm...


A quick look at the latest models and forecast tools for Sunday and Monday does provide some optimism for the chances of a significant snowfall. The automated Meteo France output is out there (again) at the head of the pack with 75cm for the top and 50cm for the bottom. Both GFS and Arpege have decent amounts forecast - perhaps topping out at 50cm at the top and 30cm to 40cm at the bottom, with ZAMG also suggesting these sorts of totals.

So, promising signs at the moment - though we await the verdict of the highest resolution models, that so often see a different scenario... more on this early tomorrow...


Clear blue skies today and great conditions in the area that we were in again - over in Crosets. Back in the Chatel area tomorrow and there should be an update this evening looking at the latest info on the Sunday/Monday potential snowfall...


Cold, clear and beautiful here in Chatel and temperatures got down to -15c at 8.30am.

A quick look at some charts on www.meteociel.fr .... firstly the Arpege chart for snow accumulations for Sunday/Monday. Don't take it too seriously, but shows some possibilities.

Then we have some outlook charts from the early operational runs.

2 things to note, the interesting area of low pressure on the ECMWF 120hr chart, which looks a potent little low perhaps affecting this area.

Secondly, the deep area of low pressure to the west of Britain on the 144hr charts. The behaviour of this low will determine the weather at the back end of next week. What we don't want to see is it hanging round to the west, feeding in southwesterlies or southerlies, but various scenarios could develop, including snowy ones...

More on this later / tomorrow...

Off to Crosets shortly...


Bonjour - Temperatures are between -13c and -14c in the Chatel village and valley area at the moment - so a really cold start to the day. It is clear overhead.

The forecast page is expected to be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am this morning.

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