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25/11/2019: Today's Updates... Mild Today... Snow On The Way???


As posted on our WhatsApp group a few minutes ago, the charts from Wednesday are developing nicely and although there are some subtle differences between the various models, there is an increasing chance of significant snowfall for (at least) the upper half of the ski area during the period from Wednesday to Sunday. Snow/rain limits will be marginal at times for lower parts of the ski area, especially on Wednesday / Thursday, however, the message this evening is that it could be time to start getting a little bit excited.

More on this tomorrow when Wednesday's precipitation will be in range of the highest res models... keep those fingers crossed for good news...


A couple of photos from the sunny side of the valley from this morning. Note the more detailed snowshoe trail signs for this winter - much better!


Bonjour from Chatel, where it is a clear start to the day, but not a particularly cold one, as air temperatures have remained above freezing in the village overnight. Ground temperatures are close to freezing, so there is a touch of grass frost and the areas with snow cover at PLJ should have seen a re-freeze. The 0c isotherm is likely to be around 2500m today and perhaps as high as 3000m at times tomorrow, before a change on Wednesday. It still looks as though there will be some snow for the upper section of the ski area on Wednesday, perhaps affecting most elevations of the ski area on Thursday... more on this on an update later.

In the meantime, although this chart is not to be taken seriously in terms of the detail regarding amounts and the distribution of the snowfall, it does show that the models are picking up on a signal for some end of week accumulations..

Chart from Meteociel.fr

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