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26/02/2020: Today's Updates... Day 77...


Another 1cm of snow has been recorded, bringing the total of this snowfall in the village to about 13cm.

Below are the wind forecast graphics from the hi res Arome model for tomorrow - with lift disruption a possibility again. There should also be some further snowfall arriving, but more on that on tomorrow morning's forecast update. One or two snow showers are possible this evening too.

Currently -3.5C at our location and dry.

Charts from www.meteociel.fr


There was a bit of a lull in the snowfall this afternoon, with one or two pellety showers blowing through, however, another shower of snow arrived in the last 45 minutes. An update on accumulations will be posted at approx 6pm, along with the forecast snow accumulation and wind gust graphics for tomorrow.

The village a few mins ago...


Another 5cm of snow has fallen in the village since the last update - bringing the total to 12cm for this snowfall. The distribution of showers has been in our favour so far.

Currently snowing.


Most of the ski area has been closed so far this morning due to the very strong winds, with the Pierre Longue at PLJ the only chair open - so there is only very limited skiing and boarding at the moment, in blizzard conditions - ie blowing snow. The road to PLJ was very slippery this morning with one or two vehicles getting stuck.

Another 2.5cm has fallen at our location, bringing the total recorded so far in the village to 7cm since late yesterday evening.

Currently snowing again...


Bonjour from Chatel... 4.5cm of snow was measured at our location early this morning, with some surfaces seeing only a dusting. Currently just below 0C with a few flakes of snow falling...

This morning's forecast is already online at ... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - and updates on this page will follow during the day.

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