• The Chatel Snow Report

26/09/2020: September Snow...

Update: 2.50pm:

There have been one or two snow showers falling down to the village today, bringing another dusting down as low as about 1100m, however, a short distance above the village, the September snow is plentiful.

The photos below are from a trail run up to Mouet (1770m) where there was 20cm to 25cm on some favoured surfaces, along with some wonderful views. Of course, this snow is not expected to hang around for very long, but it does show that snow can fall to low elevations in most months of the year and it is unusual to see settling snow in the village in September.

Hopefully this will be a taste of things to come...

Update: 8.30am:

Photos from a few minutes ago. Report and further photos to follow during the day.

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Update: 1.30pm: Overnight snowfall brought up to 6cm to the village - with less on other surfaces and alot of it has now thawed at this elevation. It was interesting to see more snow a few miles away