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26/11/2018: Today's Updates... 8.20pm


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The snow continues to fall lightly here in Chatel and is starting to settle a little bit more widely, though we are still in dusting territory in terms of accumulations for the village. We'll update early tomorrow morning, when hopefully we will have some snow cover to report on!


It is all a case of "more of the same" here in Chatel at the moment with fine, light snow flakes falling, with the lack of intensity of the snow and temperatures still above freezing, resulting in the snow not being able to settle on some surfaces in the village. There are obviously light accumulations of fresh snow on the ski area, but we will also be hoping for a few cm's down here in the village tonight and early tomorrow. Is this a realistic prospect?... well, probably yes, as freezing levels and snow/rain limits will be coming down, so we should see some settling snowfall at 1200m.

The big question though is will this snowfall and the brief spell of colder temperatures provide conditions that will allow some of the ski area to open next weekend? To answer this, we'll be checking out the relevant parts of the ski area during this week.

Unfortunately, milder weather is still on the way for Wednesday / Thursday with rain and snow on Friday, some potentially dry and cool weather on Saturday, with rain and milder weather perhaps affecting the latter part of Sunday and into Monday. Thereafter, the rain could turn to snow towards Tuesday, but that is a very long way off and as you can see, it is not only a very changeable outlook, but also a challenging one for those trying to get the ski area open.


Same situation as previous update, snow is falling but not really settling in the village. Dusting on some favoured surfaces. Air temperature close to 2.5C.


Snow has been falling here in Chatel all afternoon, mostly light in intensity.

The morning dusting melted in the village, but is now just starting to return, with accumulating snow above about 1300m.


Very light snow falling here in Chatel this morning with plenty of low cloud drifting about. Dusting of snow on some surfaces.

6.40am: We have some "snizzle" in the air early this morning (drizzly snow), with a faint dusting on some surfaces. The current air temperature is a touch above 2C.

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