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27/02/2020: Today's Updates... Day 78...


Blowing snow on Morclan...


Snow began falling in the village during the second half of the morning and the snow fell right down the valley, with snow even reported in Geneva.

Unfortunately, since then, the snow/rain limit has risen this afternoon and we now have something wetter at 1200m, which was suggested on this morning's forecast, with the snow on the ground now very wet with the snow pack contracting quite rapidly. Before the wetter period, there was approximately another 5cm of snow, though the strength of the wind meant it was very unevenly distributed. Snow will still be falling at elevations a bit higher than the village.

The wind has caused most of the upper lifts on the ski area to close, though there was more of the ski area open than was the case yesterday. The closure of the Cornebois and Combes chairlifts resulted in a massive queue at the Queyset drag lift, with hundreds of people deciding the painful walk up the piste was a better fate than waiting in the monster queue!

The snow/rain limit could come back down to the village for a time this evening, before drier and colder air moves in overnight, which should hopefully allow some snowmaking to take place. Conditions should be brighter and less windy for much of tomorrow!


Bonjour from Chatel... it is a cold and clear start to the day with temperatures close to -6C in the village and the sound of avalanche blasting can be heard. Snow making is also being carried out, with the lights of the snow cannon visible on Linga.

After this crisp and cold start, the weather is expected to close in again during the day, with winds potentially causing lift operation issues again...

This morning's forecast is already online at ... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - and updates on this page will follow during the day.

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