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28/11/2018... Chatel Closed Until 15th December...


Next update will be the on the snow forecast page tomorrow morning... where we'll be hoping to see some positive changes from the charts. 2 things we will be looking for will be some not so hideously high snow/rain limits for the Sunday / Monday period and also whether there is any chance of a northwesterly incursion later next week. There have been one or two hints today that our luck could change, so fingers crossed.


In other news... there is some partial good news in that the main RD22 road from Thonon to Chatel will re-open on the 21st December. The 1.5 mIllion euro repair work that has been taking place since the landslide earlier in the year, near to the Bioge tunnel, has hit some significant safety issues Unfortunately, the re-opening on the 21st will only be for traffic from Thonon to Chatel, with traffic in the opposite direction (ie down to Thonon), still being diverted via Vinzier.


The sun has shone for much of the day here in Chatel, with a bit more cloud appearing for a time this afternoon.

The big news this evening is that Chatel won't be open until the 15th December - according to the official Chatel website, where the weekend opening dates of the 1st/2nd and 8th/9th have been removed from the site today. This is not surprising considering the thin snow cover plus the continued work on the new chairlift station at the bottom of Pre La Joux - the new Pierre Longue replacement.

A bit of late afternoon sunshine for the village.


Not a bad view a few minutes ago...


Snow cannon operating on the Super Chatel area this morning...



Bonjour from Chatel... this morning's forecast page is currently being written and it is cold and clear outside, with air conditions allowing the snow cannon to function, which can be seen twinkling on Linga.

The forecast page is expected to be updated at approx 7.45am this morning, with at least a couple of updates on this page today...

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