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28/11/2019: Today's Updates...


It remains damp in the village, with steady, light rain, with snow undoubtedly still falling a bit higher up. The hi-res models suggest the 0c isotherm will be around 1700m this evening and potentially coming down a bit to 1600m after midnight and maybe as low as 1500m/1550m by dawn tomorrow, so this does bring the chance of the snowline coming down towards the village. This will of course depend on whether there is further precipitation and the latest radar images and model predictions suggest a showery night - so a scenario which can be termed as a bit of a shower lottery especially as to whether there will be any heavier bursts. During tomorrow, the freezing level is forecast to be between 1500m and 1550m for much of the day, so there is a chance of a covering of snow for the village, if we don't get one overnight tonight. The obvious thing to point out is that these freezing levels are all a bit too high at the moment, so although a large part of the ski area will be benefiting from some sustained snowfall, the all important lowest areas are missing out - ie the lowest runs of Super Chatel and Linga and of course those down the valley. We have not had any reports today from the bottom of PLJ, but in that sector, the snow/rain limit should be a touch lower.

Looking further ahead and Saturday still looks fine, which is good news for those heading to the opening day in Avoriaz. Sunday may see further snowfall, but more on that on subsequent updates.

Next week, after a cold start, high pressure is set to become dominant for several days, with milder daytime periods for the second half of the week and some cold nights in the valley, with temperature inversion conditions becoming established. Some charts suggest the next chance of snow coming as soon as the weekend of the 7th / 8th, or this could be delayed a day or two - charts today have suggested both scenarios, so the jury is out on that one for the time being.

With the current snowfalls (above the village), as long as the run to the bottom of PLJ is OK, we'd be very hopeful for the partial opening of Chatel on the weekend of the 7th / 8th. We'll be checking that area out once the weather improves early next week.

Many thanks to those who have used the tip button on the About Us page today - details on this and this seasons updates can be found on the post below, made at 4.30pm.

Next update - probably a very early one tomorrow.


Evening update will probably be between 7pm and 7.30pm (Chatel time)...


There has been further, mostly light precipitation since the last update , with the snow / rain limit remaining above the village. An evening update will take a look at snow rain/limits tonight and tomorrow... and potential amounts.

Regarding updates this season - there are one or two changes ... you will notice on some pages that there is a PayPal tip/donation box, eg on the "About Us" page, where you can send us a tip, if you like what we are doing. There is no obligation to do so, but any donations will help the running costs of this site during the winter season. This will also give you access to the WhatsApp group, which is quite active during the season and this season there will be snow report updates exclusive to that group - relating to both snow reports and forecasts. You will also notice that this season our snow forecast page updates will appear over on our older site - over on ChatelWeb.com

The link of the page where this daily (or almost daily) forecast will be posted will change daily during the season - and will always appear under the page sponsors logo (see this page here). However, sometimes, the link will only be posted on the WhatsApp group page - so if you are a daily reader of the forecast in the season, it might be worth considering signing up by sending a tip from the About Us page.


There has been a spell of heavier precipitation over the lunchtime period, which brought a few, sleety flakes mixed in with the rain to the village. A bit higher up there was settling snow from about 1400m, with a fresh wet covering up at Col du Saix, which is at 1539m (photos below). So, the snow/rain limit is easing down during periods of heavier precipitation, however, at the moment there is no sign of settling snow reaching the village. Higher up, and especially areas above 1650m should be doing quite well today, especially over in the PLJ sector.


It's time to go and get wet and see where the snowline is... report update after lunch...


It remains wet in the village, with some sleety blobs on the vehicle windscreens, however, the snow/rain limit is still generally above 1400m at the moment.


Bonjour from a damp Chatel, where there have been showery outbreaks of rain overnight, some fairly heavy, with the snow/rain limit appearing to have been up at between 1600m and 1700m. There are signs that this is just starting to ease down a bit - so all eyes will be on this snowline today, as plenty of precipitation is expected. The temperature is currently near to 3c at 1200m with continuous rain.

Below is the latest Arome chart up until tomorrow evening, showing significant snowfall for some parts of the ski area - but the area of uncertainty is regarding how low down we will see some useful falls... Arome suggests the 0c isotherm at 1680m at 11am, 1550m at 1pm, 1600m at 4pm and between 1600m and 1700m overnight, so these suggest it is going to be marginal for the village (using the approximate 300m rule), however, in heavier precipitation, the snow/rain limit can lower. Tomorrow, the freezing level should come down below 1600m at times, which will potentially see the snow coming down to slightly lower elevations.

...several updates expected today...will we see settling snow in the village???

Chart from www.meteociel.fr

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