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28/12/2018: Today's Updates... 7.35pm...

Day 14 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


The ECMWF and GFS parallel runs this evening are hinting at a colder second half to next week and ECMWF could bring some snow during the midweek period, so some balance to the underwhelming GFS charts of late this afternoon.

More on this tomorrow morning.

What would be really nice would be to wake up early tomorrow to see some major, positive changes from these models...


As the 12z model runs become available for viewing, so far the message appears to be that we could be heading towards the third scenario that we discussed this morning on the forecast page - "Scenario 3 - The dreaded halfway house scenario. The colder air in scenario 2 misses us to the east and high pressure clings on over France to block the Atlantic weather systems, thus prolonging the dry and increasingly boring outlook".

The GFS operational model run this evening delays any snowfall until about the 11th January.

Update to follow later on, after viewing further charts from the GFS model and the ECMWF model run.


Chatel has been mostly bright so far today, but there have been cloudy periods as we continue under the mild area of high pressure. It is a mild high, as the 0c isotherm continues to be elevated, with conditions not suitable for snow making. Clearer skies are expected to return tonight leading to some colder temperatures, but the outlook remains a mostly mild one, in relative terms. We'll take another look at the models this evening, to continue where we left off on the forecast page this morning, regarding when we might see a change in the weather.

Snow conditions were reported to be mostly good this morning after the overnight grooming of the pistes, however, conditions are likely to continue a gradual deterioration due to the sheer volume of traffic that is expected from this weekend, the mild anticyclonic conditions and the lack of conditions suitable for widespread snowmaking.

A busy stretch of piste on Linga today.


Bonjour. Updates today will appear here, with the forecast page expected to be updated this morning at 7.30am.

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