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29/01/2020: Today's Updates... Day 49...


The cloudy weather has continued since the last update, with one or two flurries, however, the skies are expected to clear overnight to bring a re-freeze to the area. This potential re-freeze will be important as it will help to consolidate the gains to the pistes from this snowfall, before something milder arrives.

This snowfall has been another blip in a generally very dry and mild month and the milder weather is set to return tomorrow. Unfortunately , this milder spell will be different to what was seen through most of January, which saw clear skies on many days, as this one is likely to contain some rain. Rain may fall up to about 2000m later tomorrow afternoon, preceded by a little snow lower down, with rain overnight into Friday. Some charts suggest another spell of rain on Saturday and one on Sunday too, which is obviously very unwelcome. More on these potential rain events on the forecast page tomorrow.

Beyond the weekend, the charts are shaping up for another cold shot next week, with mixed messages coming from the models on whether this will be a shortlived, blip type affair again, which the GFS model suggests, or something lasting a little longer, which the UK Met Office charts are hinting at late this afternoon and this morning's ECMWF output was also promising. We'll know more over the next couple of days on how this next cold spell is shaping up, but before then, rain is on the menu.


There has been no further measurable accumulations at 1200m this afternoon, with snow showers drifting through the area with an air temperature between 2C and 3C in the village. All of the lifts of the ski area managed to open today, though the L'Echo Alpin on Linga was closed until about 2pm. This meant that the bottom half of Linga was busier than we expected on a visit their this afternoon, however, the snow was lovely above 1500m, but very sticky below that elevation. A re-freeze of the snow pack always sorts out that stickiness, so that should have gone by tomorrow.

As for depths of snow, an attempt was made to measure some depths up towards 1800m, however, there has been so much wind re-distribution that it proved impossible to estimate a figure from measuring. So, as there are various figures floating around for how much snow has fallen, any of them could be right, or they could all be wrong! Based on all the current estimates, our thinking is that at least 30cm has fallen above 1800m since Monday night, however, there could be as much as 35cm to 40cm - or perhaps more or perhaps less and there will no doubt be some noticeable local variations.

Next update - this evening with a quick look at the incoming mild spell and the cold "snap" next week.

Photo: Linga this afternoon...


There has been a bit more snowfall this morning, bringing the total since yesterday of measured snowfall at close to 1200m, to 18cm. The actual fresh snow pack in the village has contracted, as the snow is now wet, with air temperatures between 1C and 2C. All lifts appear to be running, after some earlier disruption.

There'll be a report update later, after a trip to the ski area this afternoon.

Photo from a few minutes ago... the wind meant that accumulations on the trees are not as noticeable as normal...


The view a few minutes ago... light snow showers affecting the area...


Bonjour from Chatel. Overnight snowfall is approximately 5cm in the village (to be confirmed), bringing the measured total since yesterday morning to 16cm. Note there is a wide variation in depths on the ground due to the wind. It is nor particularly cold at the moment with a temperature of 1C at 1200m, however, it is currently snowing and windy.

This morning's forecast is expected to be online today at approx 8.00am at: http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - and updates on this page will follow during the day.

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