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29/11/2018: Today's Updates... 6.00pm...


There has been a bit more cloud here in Chatel than expected, though it did clear for a time and then we have some valley cloud to end the day. Temperatures have been mild, as expected, with a bit of a thaw of the current, natural lying snow.

There is not much else to report this evening, with some small amounts of snow still likely to arrive tomorrow, however, the potential rain event of Sunday / Monday is tending to overshadow things at the moment - so it will be good to get that out of the way so that we can (hopefully) start looking forward to some proper winter weather.

Next update will be over on the forecast page early tomorrow morning.

11.00am: It has been a bright start to the day here in Chatel, with some high cloud knocking about the area too, blocking out the early sunshine from time to time. An overnight temperature inversion brought some frost to the valley, with some icy side roads in the village first thing this morning.

Since the early forecast update this morning, we have had a chance to take another look at the models and we do have the first possible hints of significant snowfall on the horizon, with the period from the 7th December looking promising. Unfortunately, in snow forecasting terms, that is still a very long way off, however, if these rather more promising charts continue to crop up over the weekend, then it might be time to start thinking that they are a genuine possibility.

Before then, the expected rain of Sunday / Monday looks like decimating the current natural snow cover, including any bits and pieces that may arrive tomorrow / tomorrow night. It is not just the rain that will be the issue, but the cloudy skies combined with a high freezing level. Although the snow cannon mounds should survive the onslaught, a large amount of the natural cover may disappear.

Due to news yesterday that opening of the Chatel area has been put back to the 15th, we will be delaying our next trip up into the PLJ ski area until after the potential rain event of Sunday / Monday.

Back to today and an early jog up to Chatel from La Chapelle along the Dranse path, found the temperature inversion working its magic and allowing snowmaking to operate on the nursery area of Cret Beni, however, just a short distance above the valley floor, it was already remarkably milder with drips coming from the trees.

Early morning view up the valley.

Bottom of Cret Beni.

Temperature inversion allowing snowmaking.

Above the temperature inversion - the trees were dripping here.

9.45am: Update to follow at approx 11am this morning...

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