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30/11/2019: Today’s Updates...

Next Update - early on Sunday morning...


With blue skies, pleasantly mild sunshine and fresh snow above the village, there was plenty tof fantastic scenery to look at this afternoon on a trip from the Barbossine sector to Super Chatel. With Avoriaz being partially open, with some fantastic conditions, there was plenty of ski touring going on in the Chatel area, especially up at PLJ. On the course of our trip, we spotted some tracks on Morclan too!

So, how much snow is there... not alot in the village, but a short distance up, at 1470m, there was about 15cm, with a bit more in places.

The Barbossine bowl looked loaded!

Over towards Super Chatel, the view from the Portes du Soleil restaurant towards the snow park - was a winter view! On the terrace of the restaurant, several measurements were taken with an average of 35cm of fresh snow recorded.

A bit further up, at towards 1650m, lots of depth measurements were taken with the results varying between 35cm and 40cm at this elevation.

The recently installed snow factory was also operating in the mild feeling sunshine, chucking out its flakes of ice and building up a very large pile of ice / snow.

Conclusion... there is plenty of fresh snow, with reports of 70cm fresh higher up on the area (unconfirmed by perfectly feasible). The pisted areas which were seen today were nice and firmly compacted, so have the beginnings of a decent base. The only issue is the lack of snow on the very lowest sections down into the village from Super Chatel and over on the Stade at Linga. These areas need more snow and/or snowmaking. There is the chance of some conditions which may be suitable for snowmaking early next week and of course, there is the chance of snow tomorrow... but will it fall on these lowest slopes... to be continued...


Trip report just being compiled and should be online in the next hour or so... looking good...


It is a beautiful morning in Chatel, with picture postcard views, however, we were a little disappointed to see the snow/rain limit stay just above the village yesterday evening, for most of the time. We did see a dusting of fresh snow at 1200m, but most of the action was a short distance higher, so much of the ski area benefited from some extra cm's.

Although we are not heading to Avoriaz today, which should see some fantastic opening day conditions, we'll be taking a look a bit higher up here in Chatel, so will report back with the findings later on. As mentioned on previous updates, The PLJ area of Chatel is set to open in a week's time.

Before then, it is worth mentioning that there is now a bit of conundrum regarding tomorrow's potential snowfall with some vast differences between the models regarding the height of the 0c isotherm and the implications for village level snow. It does look like a rather complicated situation which will provide a nice headache for the first daily snow forecast update of the season, which is scheduled for early tomorrow! Our method uses a blended model approach for estimating potential snowfall, which works quite well for much of the time, however, tomorrow looks like being one of those situations whereby anything could happen!


Plenty of words to follow this morning, however, here are a few photos to start the day...


Bonjour from Chatel - first update due to 8.15am...

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