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30/12/2019: Today's Updates... Day 19...


There are reports of an avalanche in the Combes sector late this afternoon, hopefully everyone involved is ok.

Chatel is a very busy place at the moment, in the village, on the roads at peak times and on the ski area. Below was part of the queue at Linga this morning...

It is difficult to gauge whether it is as busy at it has ever been, but the comments we have been receiving are that some of the pistes are very congested at times. Ways to avoid the crowds are to ski or board early and then again at lunchtime, however, this is not always possible. When it is this busy, it is sometimes worth considering visiting some of the lesser know areas, which can be quieter, with their older and generally slower lift infrastructure.

Snow conditions today again displayed the huge contrasts across relatively short distances, which are seen under clear skies, especially at this time of year, when the sun is low in the sky. On a trip in the Barbossine area this morning, snow conditions varied from powder to crust to wet uncompacted snow, to on piste spring snow to dry and cold pisted snow, to hard pack and ice. The view below was taken late this morning and is looking down the Abondance Valley.

This evening's GFS model continues its dalliance with a useful snow event on Saturday, followed by a brief spell of bitterly cold air. Unfortunately, other charts are not showing the same evolution, so this evening's ECMWF update will be interesting as to whether we can put any faith in the GFS scenario. The GFS scenario suggests more than 10cm of snow, a modest but useful amount, followed by 2 or 3 days of weather which would be perfect for snow making across the area. This would help the lowest slopes in the Chatel area, and areas such as Cret Beni at La Chapelle, Torgon and Abondance. As the GFS has shown a similar evolution on the last 3 of its operational model runs, it does raise a bit more interest, so an open mind will be kept on this one, with the overnight model runs tonight probably being decisive on whether this might happen or not. Watch this space...


The weather feels a bit like spring today here in Chatel, with beautiful blue skies, warm sunshine and alot of people on the ski area. Report scheduled for early evening along with whether there are any signs of snowfall on Saturday...

Photo from somewhere much, much quieter this morning...


Bonjour from Chatel.

Although there is a marked temperature inversion in the valley early this morning (between -5c and -6c), it is not quite as cold in the village as yesterday, currently sitting around -2.5c. There does not appear to be any snow cannon operating on Linga, though we can't see the Stade from our location, so it appears that atmospheric conditions are not as suitable this morning for snow making.

One thing that stands out this morning is that the GFS model is keener on its latest run (00z) in bringing something a bit more useful in terms of snowfall on Saturday...

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