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31/01/2021: Today's Updates...

Update 10.20am:

Bonjour from Chatel.

A later post than normal today, but also a slightly longer one...

There was a bit of fresh snow yesterday afternoon / evening - with less than a cm of frozen snow and ice on the vehicles this morning, with the roads resembling skating rinks.

Higher up, there has been fresh snow and also plenty of avalanche activity. The photos below show the Mouet face this morning.

With a bit of zooming in - you can see some animal tracks, which raises the question of whether it was an animal which set off this big, recent avalanche...

There has also been a slide down the face of Morclan...

A view towards the flanks of Mont de Grange earlier this morning...

And a view taken from the shade of the village...

There is some snow in the forecast, potentially arriving tonight and lasting well into tomorrow, with some more later tomorrow too. For the village, it is a similar theme to the last couple of days, in that the snow/rain boundary looks marginal, with the 0c isotherm between 1500m and 1750m during much of the precipitation. The Arome model does suggest a covering for the village, with significant snowfall higher up by Tuesday night - as shown in the chart below from www.meteociel.fr

However, with the marginality of the situation at village elevation, it does mean that a decent covering is far from guaranteed.

Thereafter, the weather is set to turn milder, with perhaps several days of the daytime 0c isotherm sitting between 2000m and 3000m. This snapshot below - from Meteociel again, shows the volatility in the model output as we head into February but also shows that our area is in the part of Europe which may see milder conditions.

Note that the difference between the GFS model and ECMWF model at 192hrs is pretty huge, so it is best to treat the outlook with an open mind - however, a return to the really cold and snowy weather which dominated most of January, appears to be some way off...

Most updates and photos this season are posted on the WhatsApp members group

Link to the page which tracks the snowfalls in Chatel over the season:

Chatel Snowfall Measurements

The lifts on the ski area are closed until further notice.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are expected to remain closed until further notice (takeaway services allowed).

Although confinement has ended in France - an overnight curfew is in place from 6pm to 6am.

Private gatherings indoors should be kept to a maximum of 6 adults according to advice from the French government.

Travel between regions in France is allowed.

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