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31/12/2018: Today's Updates... 7.00pm...

Day 17 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


No further info regarding any potential snowfall early on Wednesday, so we'll see what the hi-res models say in the morning. We should still have an update on the forecast page by around 7.30am / 7.45am. Have a great evening...


There has been more cloud overhead at times today than was expected and this is having the effect of making more areas see softer, wetter snow and thus grippier snow than would be the case under crystal clear skies at this time of year.

Today's trip up the ski area was undertaken on foot, in the form of a trail run, which ended up at the top of Barbossine, via a route which would normally be impossible for trail running at this time of year. Although there is now virtually no snow around the mid-station of the 2 chairs on Barbossine, there was some decent snow cover on the top two thirds of the L'Epervier piste, but the lack of lower snow on its lowest third means that this run and its sister piste, the Squirrel, have not been able to open so far this season. This part of the ski area does not have snow cannon, so unlike elsewhere, it has had to rely solely on natural snow

You can see on the second photo below, how the piste teams have moved snow onto the piste on Tour de Don to keep it open. Good work! The snow at the top of Barbossine appeared to be grippy and reasonably soft today, but there was a chilly breeze right at the top. it didn't appear to be particularly busy.

Heading back down, via L'Epervier and some glissade practice - which does give a totally frozen backside, it seemed even milder in the village, with sunny intervals coming and going.

Following on from the earlier post regarding the Arpege model and its forecast for snow, its next run, the 6z, also showed a similar distribution of snowfall. We should know a bit more during the evening and tomorrow morning as to whether its forecast of some useful local snowfall, has any support from any of the higher resolution models.

Beginner tow at the top of Barbossine.

Creative piste / snow management on Tour de Don.

View across to the Barbossine bowl, Morclan and the Dents.


Is there any chance of snow tomorrow night / Wednesday? Some forecasts are showing some snowfall from the weak and decaying fronts that are expected to cross the area tomorrow night / Wednesday. These forecasts appears to come from the ECMWF model and also the Arpege model. Below is the Arpege model's version of potential snowfalls for the period - from the excellent meteociel.fr website.

In this situation, the Arpege model is asking us to believe that some very useful snowfall will be localised to an area just to the west and northwest of here. Although no forecast should ever be written off before the period concerned, this one looks a less likely scenario at this stage, but it does bring some extra interest to the viewing of the higher resolution models tomorrow. At the moment, we are not expecting much more than a dusting for the area, but we'll be able to take a closer look at this on tomorrow morning's forecast update...

Chart from Meteociel.fr


Bonjour from Chatel - there is some cloud cover early this morning, with temperatures in the valley close to 0c. The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.30am...

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