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26/12/2018: Boxing Day Updates... 7.35pm


A day on the road today, under blue skies and with spectacular views all the way, ended back in Chatel towards late afternoon - so it was down to Mme ChatelSnowReport to visit the ski area today. By all accounts it was very busy, but also milder in the sunshine than yesterday, with some piste softening in the sunniest areas, but still some scraped and very hard and icy sections on some of those steeper sections, especially in the shade. The volume of people on the Chatel area is due to other resorts being closed and also the fact that the Chatel area is also not fully open. It will undoubtedly get far busier for New Year week, unless we see some fresh snowfall, which is very much off the menu at the moment. Although to be taken with a pinch of salt, as the models can change very quickly, the GFS operational run this evening has again churned out a zero precipitation run out to 10 days from now.

Updates return to normal tomorrow... starting with the forecast at about 7.45am...

View from the ice tree on Linga.

Anyone recognise this view - from today's road trip.


The day is starting clear here in Chatel and it looks as though more lifts and links will open today and you can see the latest lift status at this link... edit (8.45am) - the pdf on the link below changed quite alot between 8.25am and 8.42am - looks like they uploaded incorrect info at 8.25am!!!


The snow report is on a road trip today, so the next update will be this evening. One of the wonderful things about Chatel is that its location enables access, within a 2 or 3 hours drive, to a huge number of other resorts, in both France and Switzerland. Today's trip is along the Rhone valley - update later.


Bonjour from Chatel. Temperatures have dipped again in the valley overnight to around -5c, however, as it looks as though there is a noticeable temperature inversion, it does not look cold enough higher up for widespread snowmaking to have taken place - as was the case on Christmas Eve night - though there may be come localised exceptions to this.

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