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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The 2018/2019 Chatel snow season is rapidly approaching and The Chatel Snow Report brings together a wealth of snow reporting and forecasting knowledge, based on years of observations and experience in the Chatel ski and snowboarding area.

Accurate reports of snowfall and snow conditions can be hard to find in many ski resorts, due to a combination of factors, however, this site aims to continue the snow reporting work which commenced on the ChatelWeb.com website, by providing honest, detailed and regular updates throughout the 2018/19 Chatel snow season.

My experience includes producing daily weather forecasts for over 17 years in North Wales and 3 years of producing snow forecasts for the ChatelWeb website. A passion for meteorology from a young age was continued at university, where various climate based courses were undertaken as part of a physical geography degree. Projects completed as part of the degree included mapping and measuring snowfall and mapping and measuring wind flow across an area. 

As well as regular snow reports, we will also be using our blended model approach to produce snow forecasts, a method which was used for several seasons on the ChatelWeb website.

During December, some content of the site is expected to be posted on the Patreon website, but we will provide more details about this later in the month.

Autumn colours earlier this week.

There are likely to be some bugs in the site that will need ironing out over the coming weeks, so please bear with us.

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