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Snow reports and forecasts take time to produce...

A typical snow forecast update normally starts at about 6am with an early look at the overnight model runs and the actual forecast takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour to produce each morning, with an aim to have a forecast online by 8am.

The snow reports also take time to compile, especially during snowfalls when several updates can be made in a single day.

So, how can you help?... you will notice on some pages that there is a PayPal tip/donation box, where you can send us a tip, if you like what we are doing. There is no obligation to do so, but any donations will help the running costs of this site during the winter season. 




You can also become a patron of the site, via the Patreon website, which will host some of the content from the beginning of December. Becoming a patron is a great way of ensuring you receive the most accurate and up to date snow information from Chatel for the 2018/19 snow season. Again, there is no obligation to donate via Patreon, which is free to join, however, any contributions will help make this site sustainable. 

Further information on how to join the Patreon part of the site will follow later in November.

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